Food Nutrients..

Foods provide vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that offer health benefits and our daily plan of foods should include foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. In this part of the blog o want to write on the nutrition tips for women.

It is difficult for most women to balance the demands for family work and school and the media to look and eat a certain way. These activities make it difficult for women to maintain a healthy diet .Eating healthy foods can help boost fertility, make pregnancy easier and improve the overall beauty of a woman. Women tend to need fewer calories than men and therefore require certain amounts of vitamins and mineral.

Women ignore dietary needs mainly because they are busy and find other excuses. Women concentrate more on their families and forget their own needs. But if women could make taking care of their diet a priority it will go a long way to affect them positively. Women need more calcium from foods such as yoghurt, milk, cream etc.

Iron from foods such as dark chocolate, sardines, beef and liver. Vitamins B9 for women of child bearing age. This reduces the chance of birth defects and also lower a woman’s risk for heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Other nutrients such as protein and carbohydrate are all needed in the body to function. If these foods types are included in our diet it increases our life span and make us healthy all the time.


From Valacia Effah Yeboah


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